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Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University is actually the newest of the 12 public universities of the state and the only polytechnic institution in Florida’s State University System. The university welcomed its opening classes in August 2014. The university is strategically located in Lakeland Florida along I-4 High Tech Corridor. Real Estate near Florida Polytechnic University will also give easy access to the university. This reputable academic institution is exclusively dedicated to providing hands-on learning as well as applied research in different fields like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM.

The university also aims to prepare the 21st century learners towards becoming high-tech professionals and innovative problem-solvers. These are in fact included in the list of the university’s core missions. Florida Polytechnic University focuses on applied and practical research, internships in collaboration with trusted industry partners and hands-on leadership opportunities provided by competent and distinguished faculty who excel in their respective fields. This institution is also the 12th University in Florida and the largest economic development project in the 152-year history of Polk County, aside from a great range of impressive Homes for sale Polk County.

The College of Innovation and Technology and College of Engineering offer six exclusive undergraduate degree programs and two graduate programs. These colleges also offer 19 high-tech concentrations such as Cloud Virtualization, Data Analytics, Motion Intelligence, Cyber Security, Machine Intelligence ad Nanotechnology. The Innovation, Science and Technology or IST building, which is the university’s central classroom building is a modern facility designed by talented and renowned architect worldwide, Dr. Santiago Calatrava.

The IST Building highlights cutting edge labs, including Supercomputer and Student Data Center, VTC or Visualization and Technology Collaboration Laboratory, Rapid Application Development or RAD and the Makersopace Lab equipped with 3D printing capability. In these main classroom buildings, students work hand in hand with their respected professors joining experiential learning in order to solve different real-world challenges.

To make sure that students will graduate and leave the university job ready, the university collaborates with a group of industry partners offering guidance and professional assistance on ideal curriculum development and providing internship opportunities. Florida Polytechnic University has earned over 70 dedicated industry partners such as Mosaic, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Harris Corporation and Microsoft. The list is expected to grow continuously over time.

Mission and Vision Statement


Florida Polytechnic University’s mission is to prepare 21st century learners in the different advanced fields of STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The university takes the responsibility of helping these learners become high-tech professionals and excellent problem-solvers through leading-edge research, interdisciplinary teaching and collaborative global, regional and local partnerships.


Florida Polytechnic University hopes to be an internationally and nationally recognized academic institution symbolized by highest learning serving the state by means of preparing learners and students to be the leaders of high-tech industries in Florida. The experience in student learning will be concentrated on applied and practical research, internship, opportunities for hands-on leadership and more.

Academic Information

The specialties and degree programs ofFlorida Polytechnic University are outlined below:

College of Innovation and Technology

The courses offered in this college are as follows:

– Master of Science and Innovation Technology

– Bachelor of Science in Advanced Technology-the specialties include Health Informatics, Cloud Virtualization and Big Data Analytics

– Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology-the course specialties include cyber security, information assurance and cyber gaming.

– Bachelor of Science in Science and Technology Management-specialties include materials and supply chain and logistics.

College of Engineering

– Master of Science in Engineering

– Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering-the course specialties include Embedded System Design, Digital Logic Design and Machine Intelligence.

– Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering-the specialties include semiconductors, magnetics, Electrodynamics, digital and hybrid systems and control systems.

– Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering-list of specialties include motion intelligence, multifunctional materials, Nanotechnology and Geometric dimensioning.

More on What Florida Polytechnic University Has to Offer

Aside from comprehensive lists of courses offered and specialties included, individuals specially the students can still expect more from this prestigious and exclusive university. More other wonderful things that Florida Polytechnic University has to offer are as follows:

– Ultimate Hands-On Learning

Students are encouraged to participate on experiential learning and real-world challenges solving. The university’s solid curriculum has taken the STEM world by storm and now, this empowers the learners with the ability to use all their senses to successfully adapt, learn and grow. At Florida Polytechnic University, all instructors and professors are proficient in this learning style. Professors also guide students all throughout the journey with various realistic projects.

– Applied Research in Laboratories working with Knowledgeable Professors

The university is fully aware that students need more than just slide presentations and scripted lectures. This is the reason whyFlorida Polytechnic University offers students with the great opportunity of working side by side with knowledgeable professors in fully equipped applied research laboratories. You can see for yourself how the worlds of mathematics, engineering, science and technology fuse together to create the most interesting, exciting and amazing new developments.

– Internship

Florida Polytechnic University takes students’ journey to the world. Exclusive internships offer Florida Polytechnic students with a real-world experience in one of the STEM field they have chosen. Competent and dedicated industry leaders partnered with the university and are now offering students with a once in a lifetime chance to learn through internship programs. This also helps in preparing students for more exciting careers in the future. If you decide to be a university intern, you can take full advantage of excellent Real Estate near Florida Polytechnic University.

If you choose to attend your college education in Florida Polytechnic University, you have made the best choice in following your dreams. It is up to you on how to take your part and be able to show Florida Polytechnic University your genuine passion for your most preferred field and your burning desire to succeed. The university is not just looking for big stars; this is actually looking for creativity, passion and commitment. If you are certain that you have what it takes to become an effective leader, you can enroll now and start building a solid academic foundation.

Once you have completed your course and have complied with all the requirements, you can certainly savor the fruit of your hard work. Your graduation will mark the success of your biggest journey as a student. Graduation in Florida Polytechnic University does not really mean an ending. This is the beginning and the perfect start of the next chapters of your real life journey. Those who want to gain easy access to the university can also take advantage of Homes for sale Polk County, Nearby Homes for Sale in Lakeland and homes for Sale in Winter Haven.

The university will assist and support students and direct them towards the right career path. They will also be provided not just the skills, but the confidence to become an effective industry leader. Students can instantly utilize the technical skills and applied knowledge learned at Florida Polytechnic University and they will be surprised where life will take them next.

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