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Live in luxury, Play in Style….

Ever present sunny skies, incredible sunsets, and a warm welcome await you in Central Florida. The American Dream has never been more of a reality than it is now. Central Florida, has become a popular destination for visitors and permanent relocation. Take advantage of the the currency exchange rates to own your piece of Florida’s Real Estate.

Living in Florida, what a dream…

Here you can have it all – with easy access to all of Central Florida’s tourist attractions, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and Busch Gardens plus Orlando & Tampa International airports.Florida ‘s gorgeous Gulf and Atlantic beaches, endless recreational opportunities, perfect year round climate and best of all – a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle. make this an irresistible opportunity for you and your family.

Possibilities are Endless…

Diversity and Flair combined with a long tradition of hospitality make this one of the most inviting destinations with its affordable lifestyle and living cost generally below the national average, many investors and families have chosen our area as their place of residence. The Winter Haven real estate offerings here are diverse. Homes for Sale range from modestly priced to opulent million dollar estates – Luxury homes, golf, exclusive gated communities, custom built homes, family or retirement orientated communities… Feature a variety of architectural styles. Residents of all ages enjoy a great lifestyle, with easy access to shopping malls, restaurants, excellent schools and superb weather year round… With so much to offer, visitors often decide to remain here… and make this their permanent residence. Also consider real estate the the surrounding areas of Polk County! We can help with finding the right home for your lifestyle and needs!

Dare to Live Your Dream…

We live here, we love it, and we’re sure you will too… Call us anytime, we would love to help you find that special home and welcome you as a resident in our part of paradise… you can even contact us directly.

Are you wanting to Buy Real Estate in the United States?

Foreign National Loans

Our preferred lenders will be pleased to assist you in the purchase of your vacation home here in the United States. In order to provide and service your loan as best as possible, Your lender will need to understand your financial history. They can do this by reviewing 3 major components: Assets, Income and Credit. Below is a list of documentation that will help. It is important that all documentation you provide should be on the relative bank or company letterhead.


  1. You must have six months of reserves mortgage payments on your U.S. bank account in addition to the 30% down payment needed to close. You also may want to consider electronic debit from your bank account instead of receiving physical statements. I can help set that up for you.
  2. If the funds you are using originated from a refinance, estate settlement or a transaction in which you received a large lump sum distribution, we will need to verify where those assets came from. Please provide a transaction statement or letter that shows the source of these funds.
  3. If you recently opened a U.S. bank account (within 3 months), please provide bank statements from your home account.


1. Please provide a letter from an independent accountant (company letterhead) stating your current annual income, number of years employed and your current position.


1. 3 Credit reference letters, with the following: Date account was opened, Highest credit customer had, Current balance, Monthly payment, Rating (Satisfactory or Derogatory) or A Bank reference letter were customer had a mortgage history,including all loan details.

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