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Home-buying and Home-selling Guide

Working with an experienced Realtor is the first step to buying or selling Winter Haven, FL real estate. But once you’ve found the right agent, there are a few more things to consider. Take a look at this quick guide we’ve prepared for you.

Buying a home

Find your dream home faster by following these steps:

  • Have a budget
    Buy only what you can realistically afford. Having a price range in mind also hastens the home-buying process as your agent will only recommend properties within your stipulated budget.
  • Start looking at homes
    Your agent will notify you of properties that suit your needs and fit your budget. Visit the houses personally if you can; get a feel for the community and see if you can see yourself living in that home.
  • Get pre-approval
    Being pre-approved means that a lender has deemed you qualified to loan a certain amount. Sellers will typically prioritize pre-approved buyers, giving you an edge over other bidders.
  • Make an offer
    This is when negotiations take place. Should the seller accept your offer, the process enters into escrow and the house is taken off the market while you and seller meet the contingencies stated in your purchase offer/contract.
  • Inspect the home
    Hire a professional home inspector to uncover any potential deal-breaking flaws in the house.
  • Close on the property
    If the house passes muster, it’s time to sign all the paperwork and close the deal. Do note that you need to pay about 2%-5% of the total purchase price in closing costs.

Selling a home

Here’s how to get top dollar for your beloved home:

  • Prepare your home
    Remove photos and other personal effects to make your home a “blank canvas.” Address major and minor niggles as these drive property prices down. Cosmetic upgrades such as repainting walls or sprucing up your front yard improve curb appeal and asking price.
  • Prepare the Seller’s Property Disclosure (SPD)
    You are required to fill out this form, wherein you declare key aspects of your home, such as the age of its roof, whether your property has a history of flooding, etc. A copy of this will be given to buyers.
  • Set the price
    Your agent will help you set the right price for your home. Don’t price it too high (this will turn buyers off) and try to be as objective as possible.
  • Market your property
    You can’t sell your home if people don’t know about it. A good agent will market your home on multiple platforms – from real estate websites to social media.
  • Entertain offers
    Be ready to negotiate. Make sure to let your agent know what your non-negotiables are as well as where you’re willing to be flexible. Once you accept an offer and sign the contract, you will officially enter the escrow process.
  • Close the deal
    At last, the paperwork will be signed, and your home’s deed will be transferred to the new homeowner. Congratulations on a successful home sale!