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How to Choose the Best Luxury Real Estate Agent

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When buying or selling a home in Polk County, FL, it pays to work with a professional. This area is a hotspot for some of Central Florida’s most sought-after luxury communities. Having an experienced agent by your side will pave a smoother path toward the home of your dreams or to the best profit you can make from selling your home.

Consider these 8 questions when you look for a reliable luxury real estate agent:

1. How much experience does the agent have in the industry?

Several years of working in this business hones not just an agent’s skill, but also the tenacity and demeanor to handle the twists and turns that may arise in the course of a real estate transaction.

2. What is the scope of the agent’s expertise?

If you’re decided on finding a home in a specific community, look for a neighborhood expert. Otherwise, look for an agent who offers knowledge of the broader area to help you explore more options.

3. Does the agent specialize in any specific type of property?

Working with real estate professionals who specialize in luxury properties brings you closer to the best options to match your preferences. They are comfortable with the high-stakes transactions, and thanks to their network, they might be able to offer access to exclusive, yet-unlisted options.

4. How flexible and creative is the agent?

Every real estate customer has unique needs. The best agents have experienced plenty of them, and will likely have handled a case similar to yours. Use this to your advantage to anticipate potential issues, as well as to know the best ways to resolve any that arise.

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5. How well can the agent handle multiple clients?

Having a lot of clients can be a good thing – it speaks of an agent’s reputation and reliability. But also consider whether the agent can spare adequate time and energy to attend to your inquiries and needs. Ask your potential agents about their practices and strategies that enable them to handle multiple, simultaneous clients.

6. Does the agent work with a team?

Real estate agent teams offer the advantage of extensive networks sharing experience and expertise. If you work with an agent team, set boundaries on how you expect to work with them, so you won’t get lost in the mix of having too many contact persons.

7. What do previous clients say about the agent?

Does the agent have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn account? Check your agent’s profiles to see what former clients and colleagues can say about them as partners and resources. Their testimonials can give you a better idea of what to expect when you work with the agent.

8. How dedicated is the agent to his or her clients?

Find the right agent by gauging the questions they ask you. In addition to the basics – your property requirements and specs, for example – asking about your lifestyle, background, and other questions that dig deeper into your needs and priorities is an encouraging sign. Any good real estate agent will make an effort to get to know their clients in order to provide the best service.

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