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Staging Your Home for Sale

A staged house is purposely prepared from top to bottom before it is put up for sale. Carefully and thoughtfully staging your home is an important step to selling it fast. Staging your Winter Haven home for sale requires a bit of work to do it effectively, but once completed, selling your home would be much faster and easier. Potential buyers should be able to picture themselves living in your house once they’ve purchased it. Follow these tips to boost the value of your home and sell it faster.

1. Plan
Walk through your home and take down notes. Buyers usually visit the place they want to purchase personally. So, you need to make sure that your home is ready. Before starting anything, plan everything you wish to do. Your list should include all the repairs, decorations and other things you want to accomplish for your Winter Haven home. This will not just make everything easier for you, but also help you stay organized.

2. Pack

If you are really serious about staging your house, every clutter should be cleaned. While it is not easy, the trouble will surely be worth it. De-clutter so that potential buyers can see the house properly. Get rid of any evidence of you like refrigerator magnets or family pictures. Put everything away where it actually belongs. Have towels neatly arranged or remove. Have beds neatly made and Master Room free of clutter. You want to see potential buyers envision themselves living in your house, right? Clean cupboards, closets, surfaces and floors, so the buyer won’t see anything that will prevent them from doing that.

3. Fix

Make sure that all cracks, chipped paint or anything that needs repair and maintenance is fixed before the buyer visits your home.

3. Paint

Dark colors are a good choice to make your house stand out. You can also consider repainting your walls with a neutral color. If you have used bold color palettes on them, consider off-white, beige or tan. Removing tattered wallpaper should be done as well.

4. Clean

Ensure everything sparkles and doesn’t have an unpleasant smell. This is the easiest way of increasing the possibility of your house being sold. You can also hire experts to do some of the hard stuff, particularly if you have a large house.

5. Stage

Emphasize the size and architectural features of your home. You can also try rearranging some of the furniture. For example, symmetrical arrangements usually work in the living room. You can use pairs of sofas and chairs and pull off your walls to create a welcoming discussion area. Using sophisticated neutral colors is also a good option. Mid-tone neutrals like mocha will make an elegant background.

6. Sell

After doing everything on your list, it is now time to put your Winter Haven home for sale. You can ask the Top Realtors in Winter Haven for other tips on your staging your house for an efficient and quick sale. These professionals know what works best for your home and the area you are living in. Don’t forget to ask your realtor what prospective buyers are saying about your house after touring it. The information you’ll get may help you modify your staging efforts. By working with NextHome Norris & Company Realty your Top Realtors in Winter Haven, you can successfully prepare your house for sale!